Enhancing Rural Enterprise

We have the following initiatives underway:
Sustainable Farming

· With a view to promote healthy lifestyle and find the number of (effective means of) livelihood options, we have worked hard not only on organic farming but have been able to create an entire supply chain to make organic farming a profitable venture.
· We arranged consultations and visits of domain experts to lead our tribal farms towards more sustainable and profitable agricultural process
· Per their advice, we have facilitated investment in agricultural process revamp, logistics infrastructure & market development
· Impact observed: 3 times more produce at lower input costs.

Bee Rearing

· Leveraged scheme promoted by Khadi Gramodyog .
· Pilot project undertaken with 10 bee boxes.

Local Haat/Market

· Abhedya Yuva dal initiated organizing of Friday markets for local goods trade in the tribal cluster · Impact: significant boost rural interaction & economy

Marketing of Forest Produce

· Our team has facilitated creation of ‘Direct to market’ channel to sell forest produce – mahua seeds, achar nuts etc. to avoid middle men and get better prices

We are always looking for more ideas to make our villages economically stronger and self sufficient. Do write to us share your ideas and/or collaborate