Our Focus Area

Educating Our Future

To ensure our children grow up to be responsible citizens we have initiated various programs for holistic development of our village kids, with special focus on girl child.

Primary & Middle School

· Complete revamp of primary & middle school
· Introduction of regular & quality mid-day meals
· Regular monitoring of school operations and developmental outcome

Secondary school

· Till date, 50 girls have been sponsored to study in Sharda Vihar school
· All expenses including those of buses, books, uniforms have been provided for
· Academically, we have seen significant improvement in the results of our girls


· Special focus on Sports coaching, village life makes them resilient & agile and naturally good at sports
· Our girls have won and are winning many accolades at regional & national meets.

Personality development

· Extra-curricular Sessions are periodically conducted for holistic personality development
· These include classes for self-defense, spoken English & Sanskrit, managing body language amongst others

Mentoring Rural Youth

At Abhedya, we firmly believe – “Youth are the leaders of tomorrow, but the leaders of tomorrow must start today”

Our tribal youth have immense talent and potential. The challenges of their early life has made them resilient, grounded and strong willed. What they lack is the right opportunity, access to opportunity and right kind of mentors.

Today, our village youngsters are pursuing law, winning marathons, running IT labs, joining armed forces, studying Sanskrit and Shastras, leaving a mark in cycling races and the list goes on. And while doing all this, they haven’t forgotten their responsibilities towards the village. Whenever possible they are out their helping, educating, inspiring…!

Developing Rural Infrastructure

Village IT Lab

● It serves2 fold purpose – undertake data entry projects, train kids in basic IT
● Longer term plan is to create an IT offshore centre run by local youth

Solar Panels

Our Village IT Lab is now SOLAR POWERED .

Maintaining Community Spaces

The Village Community Hall or the ‘Samudayik Bhavan’ is the center of all educational, cultural, and community activities.

· Electrification of the entire hall has been done with the help of our kind supporters.
· HD projector and sound system have been installed in the main classroom which facilitates audio-visual learning for our kids.
· We have installed a printer/scanner/Copier in the community center. Our youth operating it. Now villagers do not require to walk miles to get photocopies done.

Water for Irrigation

Our organisation carried out a survey in nearby forest area and identified 1000 GPS locations to build check dams, stop dams and gabion structures. We have the exact technological specifications for these 100 structures . We are looking for partners who could help us fund this initiative and resolve the water problem .

Enhancing Rural Enterprise

We have the following initiatives underway:
Sustainable Farming

· With a view to promote healthy lifestyle and find the number of (effective means of) livelihood options, we have worked hard not only on organic farming but have been able to create an entire supply chain to make organic farming a profitable venture.
· We arranged consultations and visits of domain experts to lead our tribal farms towards more sustainable and profitable agricultural process
· Per their advice, we have facilitated investment in agricultural process revamp, logistics infrastructure & market development
· Impact observed: 3 times more produce at lower input costs.

Bee Rearing

· Leveraged scheme promoted by Khadi Gramodyog .
· Pilot project undertaken with 10 bee boxes.

Local Haat/Market

· Abhedya Yuva dal initiated organizing of Friday markets for local goods trade in the tribal cluster · Impact: significant boost rural interaction & economy

Marketing of Forest Produce

· Our team has facilitated creation of ‘Direct to market’ channel to sell forest produce – mahua seeds, achar nuts etc. to avoid middle men and get better prices

We are always looking for more ideas to make our villages economically stronger and self sufficient. Do write to us share your ideas and/or collaborate

Empowering Gram Sabhas

Ensuring accountable Local Governance and paving the path for leaders to be. Trying to bring Laser Sharp Focus in the working of Gram Sabhas. Local participation in administration of local affairs key to sustainable development.

· Abhedya team proactively educates our tribal brothers and sisters about rights & responsibilities through awareness drives and encourages citizens to raise issues and ask questions
· Government officials and NGO experts are invited to explain topics
· Periodically, Abhedya team runs sessions to inform the people about new policy interventions, welfare measures initiated by local and national governments


· Our local Panchayat has become more accountable, active and transparent
· There is a lot more awareness about and access to government schemes. Thus ensuring the welfare measures reach those whom they are intended for
· Our tribal Youth have emerged as non partisan local leaders & drivers of social change

Bridging Rural-Urban Gap

Abhedya creates various rural volunteering and interaction opportunities for urban teenagers and college students. Aim is to sensitize urban youth to rural challenges as well as expose them to more sustainable models of living that rural life offers.

These interactions are led by our own tribal youngsters. They educate the students about village life sharing both the hardships as well as the benefits.

The cross transfusion of knowledge has both sides enriched. It significant exposure to our rural youth making them more confident in themselves and better communicators and makes the urban kids more rooted and aware.